29th May 2018

Maximise Your City Basement with a Swimming Pool

Lack of space in big cities like New York and Los Angeles inspire many people to look at ways to maximize square footage – like basements.  One way to make good use of a city basement, is by adding a swimming pool. 

Here we look at just a few of the ways installing a swimming pool in your urban basement will improve your property.

More Space – Same Footprint

Whether a retrofit basement (built under an existing property) or a renovated existing basement space, adding a functional basement to any home or commercial space can result in a lot more floor area without eating into any yard or neighboring space.

To retain that valuable additional floor space and make the basement as versatile as possible however, it’s worth considering the moving floor swimming pool.  Hidden under the floor and raised or dropped at the touch of a button, these swimming pools are finished identically to the surrounding floor and are designed to take any desired load. 

Basement swimming pool design

One of the biggest advantages of putting a swimming pool into a basement is pretty easy to grasp – when a swimming pool is at the bottom of the home, there’s no need to worry about needing any complex structural engineering support to hold the weight, as it’s already in the ground.

Year Round swimming pool access in any weather    

One of the main attractions of a basement swimming pool is that it is in no way weather dependent.  With a basement swimming pool, you can swim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.  Even if it’s 2am and there’s snow falling across the city, you can still dive in.

Less swimming pool Maintenance

With a basement pool, it is much easier to keep water clean and clear than with an outdoor pool.  There will be a lot less, if any, leaves, bugs and general dirt getting into the basement swimming pool – which also means less time getting debris out. 

With a basement swimming pool, another thing you won’t have to deal with is winterization.  Because the pool will always be under cover (even more so with a moving floor swimming pool or an automatic pool cover in situ), owners can save a lot of money on pool maintenance.

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