Infinity Deck & Ultra Level

Infinity edge, deck and ultra level pools can help to create a contemporary, stylish and luxurious swimming pool.

Design by Guncast creates illusions of longer pools or invisible edges, and helps capitalize on surrounding views while you relax or exercise.

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Swimming Pool Lighting

From flood lighting to fibre optic lighting, swimming pool lighting can transform the ambiance of your pool, enhance the aesthetics and provide an element of safety for the evenings.

Wide or pencil beam lighting under the water, discreet lighting in the pool walls, lit racing lanes on the pool floor or lighting under the steps, there are so many possibilities.

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Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic swimming pool covers offer various benefits to any luxury swimming pool from safety, to cleanliness, to reducing your carbon footprint.

Covers are initiated by a switch and are completely retractable and concealed within an integrated housing when the pool is in use.

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Counter Current Unit Swimming Pool Design

For continuous swimming in smaller pools, a counter current unit is a high-volume pump providing a flow of water from an outlet on one side of the swimming pool.

Providing a constant current in which the swimmer trains, the counter current unit is ideal for luxury properties in cities where there may be limited space to have a traditionally large training pool.

Submersible booms

Submersible booms are used by clients to create an experience of both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool in one area.

The wall or ‘boom’ is retracted to create a fully integrated swimming pool between the outdoor and indoor environments. This clever and innovative swimming pool design feature allows clients in more clement areas of the world to have the use of an outdoor section in good weather.

Stainless steel recliners

Stainless steel recliners can be designed by Guncast to offer a relaxing solution to your swimming pool.

The image demonstrates a recently completed pool incorporating a customized seat which can be retracted back into the wall of the pool. A retractable seat for your swimming pool, offers both a training facility to swim lengths, and at a touch of button, the pool is then transformed into a more relaxing spa environment with bubble jets placed below the seat for a relaxing massage.