Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic covers offer various benefits to any luxury home swimming pool, from safety, to cleanliness, to reducing your carbon footprint. Design by Guncast offers innovative and clever design features.

Covers are initiated by a switch, and are completely retractable and concealed within an integrated housing when the pool is in use. Cover arrangements can be made for irregular shaped swimming pools, and Guncast are experts in ensuring the cover design matches the swimming pool design and surrounding environment.

Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover

An automatic swimming pool safety cover provides an enhanced level of safety for when the pool is not in use.

You can prevent access to the pool and provide a sturdy enough barrier, should there be a fall onto the covered pool, to prevent a person going under the water.

Automatic Pool Covers Retain Heat

Automatic swimming pool covers help to retain heat and maintain the desired pool temperature.

Not only do they create a more pleasurable swimming pool environment, they also reduce the level of heating required, which in turn can help to reduce your costs and carbon footprint.

Covers for pools help to minimise evaporation, which can be the largest source of energy loss for a swimming pool. Using an automatic pool cover when your pool is not in use will also help to keep the pool cleaner.

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