In the 1970s when founder Bruce Harding was just getting started with Guncast, curvy and geometric concrete pools with a marbelite finish and mosaic band and edge markers were all the rage. Though fully tiled mosaic pools were rare initially, in the luxury sectors requests still did come through and Guncast sought out the best finishers for the job.


Before spas became commonplace in the UK, Guncast took some of the earliest orders for ‘a corner of the pool that is hot and bubbly’ following the request of clients who had travelled abroad to destinations like the US and Australia. Luckily, following some crude but functional attempts at early spas, equipment started to be imported from the US.

Guncast builds the killer whale tank (attached to the existing dolphinarium) along with a number of other animal pools for the Windsor Safari Park.

Guncast Builds two 25 metre pool in Libya for the actors of Lion of the Desert – a film by Gadaffi.


Automatic pool covers start to gain popularity in top-end pool construction – resulting in more demand for rectangular designs to accommodate. Guncast spends much of this decade operating in the commercial market as private tennis and sports clubs gain popularity.

During the 90s, Guncast builds multiple 25m pools for private health clubs, schools and hotels.


Following Bruce Harding’s retirement, his son Jack Harding takes the reigns.

During this decade, Guncast starts to concentrate and specialise in the high end of the domestic and commercial swimming pool market – excelling in moving floor pools, wellness suites, vitality pools and other luxury installations.

By the end of the 00s, Guncast is internationally recognised at the go-to company for ultra-high-end swimming pool, spa and wellness projects.


Guncast has grown through the years to become one of the largest, most sought after swimming pool brands based in Britain today, along side operations in Europe, North America and beyond, has made Guncast one of the most well known luxury global swimming pool marques.

Under the watchful eye of jack harding, chairman of the Guncast Group, Guncast’s success is credited to their unique ability to deliver and improve on the highest standards of swimming pool design and construction, whilst simultaneously leading the way in the industry - crafting stunning, designer pools and spas that others would have considered impossible.

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