17th Apr 2018

Features That Turn an Ordinary Swimming Pool into a Luxurious Oasis

Design by Guncast believes that bespoke swimming pools should be as unique as the people using them. Whether your style is minimalist and subtle, or you’re looking for something a little louder with big impact, Design by Guncast can transform swimming pool dreams into a reality. 

The Design by Guncast experts aim to make every luxury swimming pool stand out with a clever use of premium features that bring the entire space to life, giving your swimming pool an unmistakable identity that’s truly yours.

Pool Water Features

Water features are a brilliant way to express your personality and can be tailored to suit your vision. From show-stopping fountains to calming, cascading waterfalls; the right water feature can transform your pool into a true work of art.

Adding a waterfall or a hydrotherapy feature to a swimming pool is an eye-catching way to transform a simple body of water into a spa-like experience.  The visual beauty, auditory appeal and practical benefits (including improved relaxation, better pool filtration and customization options) make waterfalls an appealing option if you’re looking to incorporate a luxury feel to your swimming pool.

Baja Shelf

Trends may come and go, but one that has stood the test of time is the Baja Shelf (also known as a tanning ledge, tanning shelf, sun shelf and Cabo shelf). The gradual pool-to-beach feature creates a shallow section for children to paddle and adults to soak up the sun.

Not only do Baja Shelves look amazing, but they are useful too, so it’s no wonder they are so popular. With Design by Guncast’s creative know-how and some alluring lighting and striking tiling, the Baja Shelf can easily become the centerpiece of any Los Angeles swimming pool.

Swim-Up Bars for Los Angeles Swimming Pools 

For true LA style, installing a swim-up bar adds sophistication and glamour to any luxury pool experience. 

Swim-up bars are fully customizable (think tanning ledges and audio systems) and combining the pool and beverage services into one area saves valuable space and creates a fun environment for hosting social events. 

Striking Swimming Pool Lighting

What mood would you like your luxury swimming pool to reflect? Excitement, drama, romance? Design by Guncast can cleverly create your desired ambience with a stunning selection of lighting features available. 

Captivating color-changing LED lights allow you to transform the tone of your pool at the click of a button, and dazzling fiber optic lights give off a mysterious and magical aura. Not only will our wide array of lighting features beautify your pool environment and enhance water features, but they are brilliant for increasing night-time visibility and improving pool safety. 

Moving Floor Swimming Pools

If you live in an urban city like New York, a hidden floor swimming pool is the innovative solution where space is at a premium. Cutting edge Spiralift Technology enables you to effortlessly turn your luxury swimming pool into a function venue, play area, gym, dance floor or however else you’d like to use your uncompromised space. Our moving floor swimming pool is designed to take heavy loads of people and furniture, and by using a sleek finish that is the same as the rest of the room, visitors may not even be aware that the pool exists beneath their feet. 

What’s more, the floor can be adjusted to variable depths (or closed off completely), making it safer for children and pets and suitable for aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy and more.

Whichever pool trend appeals, Design by Guncast have stunning features and finishes to choose from, providing a luxurious pool experience that’s tailor-made to meet your requirements. For expert advice, you can contact the team on 1-973-768-1884 or via email at


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