Precision Design for Indoor Swimming Pool

The defining feature of the pool building is the ceiling. A curving structure, finished in a polished venetian plaster, it has been designed to give the impression that the roof is floating, with the ceiling visually detached from the columns holding it all up. There are no lights piercing this sleek, smooth surface, hidden strips of tiny LEDs light the top section of ceiling which appears to glow, light reflecting down off the polished plaster. To ensure that the purity of the building was not diluted, Design by Guncast made every effort to ensure the detailing of all grilles, switches, speakers, lights, alarms, detectors and control panels that come with modern living were either concealed entirely or designed in a way to ensure they remained unnoticed. The brief was to create a place to retreat to and relax in, a serene environment with no distractions, where you lie relaxing in your dark, bottomless pool looking up at the curved, floating "sky" above.

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