19th Dec 2016

Swimming Pool Trends for the New Year

Swimming pool design has changed a lot over the past 15 years and increasingly, a developing trend is towards more environmentally friendly options when it comes to swimming pool construction and ongoing maintenance. Our top tips for 2017 swimming pool trends include:

Eco-friendly filtration systems

Ozone and UV systems provide a great balance between being heavily reliant on chlorine and going completely natural. Although not eliminating all chlorine out of the swimming pool, they do significantly reduce the amount you should use to keep the pool clean. Because of such pragmatic nature, these filtration systems remain and will become popular among those who like to be considered more environmentally-friendly without going completely natural.


Technology is around us in all aspects of our lives and the ‘Internet of everything’ is making its way into the swimming pool market. With pool designers becoming more savvy to the inclusion of technology in the swimming pool industry, there are increasingly more opportunities available. 2017 could see an influx in new and retro-fitted design and technology to include internet-ready and automated lighting solutions, Wi-Fi-controlled water temperature settings, cleaning and pump solutions, automated covers and pool floors along with the ‘accessories’ that belong with a swimming pool, both indoor and out. What technology can bring will be down to budget, design and testing throughout the next 12 months.

Plunge pools or smaller pools

Installing a plunge pool offers the owners a chance to still make use of the garden space or room space without losing too much to the swimming pool. The extra space could be used for gym equipment or a training area, while outside, the space can be given back to some planting, a dedicated relaxation area or a garden kitchen for those who live in warmer climates! An increasing number of customers are looking for a slightly smaller swimming pool to take a dip at the end of a long day, or to play with their families in a smaller enclosed space. The technology and design finishes created are still exceptional and being smaller does not mean that quality is sacrificed.

Dark tiling and vanishing edges

The dark tiling around and within a swimming pool has been an ongoing trend for a couple of years, but this style feature does not seem to be letting up. The design requests for dark marble and slate as swimming pool shell finishes and surrounds have been increasing, but they do provide a stunning setting for the swimming pool. The lighting that complements these finishes accentuate the contrast between dark and light. The swimming pool edging is also becoming almost non-existent with the ‘knife-edge’ or infinity edge swimming pools offer a sleek design feature to the pool where the water becomes still and mirror-like.

Each design request at Design by Guncast is unique to the next, and offers an exciting opportunity for the design team to develop new skills and hone their expertise during the design project. The trends set for 2017 could change, but the team at Design by Guncast are excited about the opportunities these trends offer to create sensational designs with a luxury swimming pool environment. For more information about our swimming pool design at Design by Guncast, please contact Andy.

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