02nd Aug 2017

The Most Popular Outdoor Swimming Pool Trends this Summer

Like all other creations, swimming pools started out as a set feature with clearly defined traits and purposes.  As time has moved on however, so too has swimming pool design.  These days, thanks to innovative swimming pool designers and builders, we are seeing many popular transformations; from moving floor swimming pools, to suspended, glass bottom pools …and everything in between.  Here are a few of the more interesting outdoor swimming pool trends taking the design world by storm this summer.

Moving Floor Swimming Pools

It’s not hard to see why moveable floors are such a big swimming pool trend at the moment, given the limited amount of residential and commercial space available in big cities like New York.  From garden patio to swimming pool at the touch of a button, what’s not to love?  Or why not turn it into an atmospheric water feature on a summer’s evening by lowering the floor slightly and adding some floating candles?  All options are possible with the moving floor swimming pool.

Geometric Shapes

This summer, geometric pool shapes are making a big comeback.  The latest designs integrate ornate materials and features, transforming what might be considered simple or utilitarian into a stunning design with genuine artistic edge.  Despite its more modest shape, the geometric pool is the perfect blank canvas for a whole host of sophisticated custom features such as infinity edges and moving floors.

Bespoke Swimming Pools

The freedom of bespoke design allows for pools in unconventional or unusual outdoor spaces – leading to simple and shapely designs that best compliment the area whilst making the pool itself stand out. 

Suspended Swimming Pools

These days glass is so strong swimming pools can have glass sides, bottoms and windows – and swimming pool architects have taken note.  More and more, glass is being used in swimming pool design - but if you’re afraid of heights, take note; some of these glass designs are also suspended up to thousands of feet in the air between buildings.  If you want a pool that really stands out though, the view really is better from the top.

Water Features & Custom Spas

What better way to add some atmosphere to your outdoor pool that the calming fluidity and movement of a water feature?  Adding a water feature to a swimming pool is the perfect way to delight the senses and soothe the mind. Including a spa can serve as a dual feature within the bespoke outdoor pool, adding luxury and comfort whilst simultaneously circulating water and adding to the overall design of the pool visually. 


Design by Guncast has the skills and expertise to custom build any of the features in this article and more.  To find our capabilities when it comes to swimming pool design and build, visit our website or email us.

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