06th Aug 2014

Moving Floor Swimming Pools at AIA in Chicago

At the end of June 2014, the Design by Guncast team exhibited at the American Institute of Architects (AIA)’s 2014 convention in Chicago.

The show was a great success all round, and our design service and moving floor swimming pools were well received by local Illinois and USA-wide architects and developers. The team also all loved Chicago!

Moving floor swimming pools from Design by Guncast

A moving floor can provide many benefits to a swimming pool. Along with use as a traditional swimming pool, the floor can be adjusted to varying heights to allow for children’s swimming lessons, hydrotherapy or aqua aerobics classes where the full depth is not required. When raised, the additional floor space allows the room, terrace or deck to be used for a variety of functions.

At Design by Guncast, our expert team of swimming pool designers can fit a moving floor to any shape swimming pool and with the pool water circulating through a filtration system, the swimming pool can be converted at the touch of a button from room to pool.

In addition to moving floors, Design by Guncast also have experience in moving wall projects, moving benches and massage and spa features within swimming pools.

For more information on moving floor and other swimming pool design features, please contact our US team today.

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