13th Apr 2018

Hidden Floor Swimming Pools & Why They're in Demand

Hidden floor swimming pools are trending this year. A striking, designer moving floor swimming pool will no doubt add class and style to any commercial or residential property… but what are some of the innovative features that have given moving floors such an edge in pool design?

Movable Swimming Pool Floor Saves Valuable Floor Space

Who wouldn’t want a luxury-built swimming pool that transforms into a dance floor, play area, dining hall or gym at the touch of a button? With a moving floor swimming pool, users can sit back and relax as the versatile pool area is seamlessly replaced with a solid movable floor, saving valuable property space and square footage. 

So, if space is a concern, particularly in big cities, users can experience the best of both worlds with the dual-use functionality of a Design by Guncast moving floor swimming pool.

Safety and Variable Pool Depth Flexibility

If there are children, animals, or other vulnerable users present, then a moving floor is a very safe solution. Once the floor is secured into position, the swimming pool is completely inaccessible. Additionally, the depth of the swimming pool is completely under the user's control. Water levels can easily be adjusted to suit deep diving, child-friendly shallow depths, mid-depth for games of volleyball or even 6 inches for a stunning tea-light laden water feature.

Environmental Benefits of Hidden Floor Pools

For the carbon footprint conscious, a covered pool helps to preserve heat and retain energy, as well as reduce evaporation. If that’s not enough, hidden pools are also the eco-friendlier option as less chemicals are needed to treat the water when the pool is enclosed. 

So, if you’re looking for guilt-free luxury, a Guncast hidden floor swimming pool can provide the unique leisure experience you deserve.

Hidden Floor Swimming Pool Technology

It’s now possible to walk on water, thanks to the dynamic and on-demand functionality of a moving floor swimming pool. Design by Guncast uses the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, combined with precision engineering, allowing for a beautifully effortless pool-to-floor transition.

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