21st Jul 2015

Crafting Opulent Swimming Pools with the Environment in Mind

Harness the Sun, the Air or the Ground!

You can significantly reduce the damaging effects of swimming pool heating on the atmosphere by installing a solar system, ground or air source heat pump into your design. Saving significantly on both running costs and carbon emissions... whether your pool is indoors or outdoors.

Swimming Pool Covers

All swimming pools lose a lot of water (and heat) through condensation - which can equal excessive heating, electricity and water usage if not planned for properly. Avoid 'drought shaming' by including a pool cover in your design. Effective swimming pool covers stop water escaping from your pool through condensation, keep the temperature stable and even save your filters precious energy by keeping unwanted debris out of the water. The most efficient option for covering your luxury swimming pool is Design by Guncast's moving floor swimming pool aspect, which covers the water at just a touch of a button so seamlessly, you wouldn't even know there was a pool beneath your feet when it's in place. The moving floor swimming pool also reduces heating requirements by up to 60% too - seriously reducing your carbon footprint.

Choose the Right Pump

There are so many exciting design features to choose with a swimming pool that it can be easy to forget about the technology behind it all. A top-of-the-range, energy saving pump can reduce your energy output by up to 30%, meaning you can feel a little better about your electricity usage each month. Once you've ticked some of these boxes, you can enjoy your luxury swimming pool guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that your prized swimming pool is improving your quality of life but minimising its impact on the environment too.

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