23rd Jun 2015

Designing Lavish Swimming Pools in Basements

Before You Start

Design by Guncast has been building luxury swimming pools for over 40 years and has a huge portfolio of incredible indoor and outdoor swimming pools, but recently the focus has shifted to more subterranean levels. Before you get out a spade though, it's important to plan carefully – giving consideration to plant room location, access to services, planning permission, water proofing and natural daylight out the outset is crucial.

What Kind of Basement Swimming Pool

Building a retrofit basement means that you've got the option to have whatever pool design you prefer, you'll certainly have enough space for it. But if you want to add a swimming pool and not lose any space at all, a moving floor swimming pool is the perfect solution - giving the option of covering your pool with a moving platform which acts as a false floor.

A Perfect Finish

It wouldn't be a luxury swimming pool without the right finishing touch. Design by Guncast offers a wide range of finishes to suit every style and taste – from shimmering Italian glass mosaic tiles to large format porcelain. Once your stunning basement swimming pool is complete, all that's left is to share it with others. Get ready to be the envy of all, with your lavish new basement swimming pool from Design by Guncast.

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