25th Sep 2017

The Coolest Hidden Floor Swimming Pools by Design by Guncast

With floors that can be adjusted for variable depths and its ability to double as a dance floor, play area, gym, patio or dining hall – it’s not hard to see why hidden floor swimming pools are fast becoming the home improvement of choice. Particularly in places like London, where space is at a premium.

Here are just a few of the movable floor swimming pools designed by Guncast that offer multiple uses of the same space.


This unique swimming pool was commissioned by architect Alan Higgs and designed by Design by Guncast with a modern style in keeping with the rest of the family residence.  Measuring 9x4m, the exceptional standard of this design allows for ease of use between functions and creates an idyllic setting for both water and dry-side activities.


In the client’s own words: "The room is really multi-functional, great for big parties of course, as it takes up to 120 comfortably. But particularly important for us, it also works as a sports and leisure area where we play badminton and run films from a projector. When the weather is bad, the children can still run around ad infinitum, burning off all that excess energy in a safe warm area, and this is great news for the rest of the house.”



This outdoor swimming pool with a moving floor system is simple yet stunning.  Featuring a hidden floor pool system with self-depositing steps (giving a seamless pool surround), this innovative moving floor system allows for total control of the floor, lights, Jetstream Trivia counter current system and temperature, all at the push of the button.


As moving floor swimming pools continue to become more and more popular, requests are being made for features and designs that are more extravagant than ever.  Design by Guncast provides the most comprehensive design and engineering service available for tailor-made, hidden-floor swimming pools.


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