09th Feb 2015

Unique Luxury Swimming Pool Design Features

Luxury Moving Floor Swimming Pool

The ultimate in luxury is the renowned moving floor swimming pool from Design by Guncast. This versatile swimming pool features a moving floor to adjust the depth, and a moving wall to adjust the size and separate an indoor outdoor swimming pool. You can even put your pool away by fully raising the moving floor, so you can have a room that doubles as a function/games/exercise facility, as well as a luxury swimming pool.

The counter-current swimming pool facility is perfect for fitness fanatics. The unit creates a current to swim against which keeps you swimming on the spot, like an underwater treadmill.

Heated Glass-Bottomed Swimming Pool

If you prefer looks over functionality, you can have both with a glass-bottomed, glass wall or window pool. A lavish heated glass-bottomed swimming pool by Guncast was recently created in an iconic London apartment block, and is the finest in luxury swimming pools. The glass-bottomed swimming pool is built on the rooftop terrace over the exposed atrium of the six floors below, natural light floods the atrium through the water and users can be seen swimming across the ceiling above - what could be more impressive?

Whatever you want from a luxury swimming pool, Design by Guncast will take you concept and work with you to achieve the pool of your dreams. From moving floors, moving walls, to glass floors even, if you can dream it, Design by Guncast can help make it a reality.

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