14th May 2018

The Trendiest Swimming Pool Shapes in America

Shape is one of the defining features that sets apart a luxury swimming pool. With many designs to choose from, this is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed. Stepping back to put some thought into the concept of your swimming pool will ensure that the space uniquely suits you and your property. Here are a few options to think about when planning a luxury pool build.


Contemporary Rectangular Pools

Retro rectangular pools may sound mundane, but they’re actually quite the opposite. Straight lines will compliment elegant architectural lines, and the ‘less is more’ theme creates a sophisticated and glamourous atmosphere. Contemporary pools never go out of style, which is why they are the go-to preference for many designers and architects.


Classic Freeform Pools

If you’re a creative spirit, a freeform pool allows for endless individuality. Flowing contours break the rules of geometry and can mimic serene lakes when surrounded with trees and natural landscaping. With a little extra imagination, a freeform pool can give off the illusion of a secluded oasis that blends seamlessly into the environment. This style of swimming pool is ideal for homeowners who are looking to add character and charm to an asymmetrical space.


Infinity Edge Swimming Pools

An infinity edge swimming pool oozes class and style and creates a blissful pool experience like no other. Design by Guncast can create illusions of longer pools or invisible edges that will capitalize on surrounding views while you relax or exercise. These flowing water pools can be designed to blur into the horizon, which looks particularly impressive in an outdoor setting. Popular in high-end resorts and estates, infinity edge pools offer a unique, luxurious and seemingly endless swimming pool environment.

Grecian and Roman Pools

For a beautifully classic swimming pool that complements architecture and greener garden areas, a Grecian or Roman pool is the perfect choice. Both pool styles take an eye-catching twist on the rectangle pool; semi-circles and octagons are used to vamp up the basic pool shape and ancient art is interpreted into the colourful glass tile design.

The imagination has no limits with a unique custom swimming pool by Design by Guncast. For trusted advice and more information, contact our expert team on +44 (0)1798 343725. Alternatively, complete our contact form to request a brochure, make an enquiry or request a call back.

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