09th Jun 2015

Inside or Out? How About Both! Moving Wall Swimming Pools

Moving Wall Swimming Pools

After the success of the moving floor swimming pool, Design by Guncast has adapted their innovative swimming pool technology to work with walls too. With just the touch of a button, like Moses, you two can part the sea walls (theoretically). Featuring patented spiralift technology, the moving wall component acts as the fourth wall between indoors and outdoors, and once activated gives you access to the outside section of your swimming pool.

The Benefits

The obvious choice for a swimming pool in England is indoors. Our temperamental and often cold weather means that an outdoor pool would see little action apart from that short sprint of heat we get in summer. But when summer rolls around, wouldn't it be a shame to only swim indoors and miss out on the glorious sunshine?

What About My Existing Pool

You may already have a swimming pool that you want to upgrade or change. Don't go building another swimming pool; the moving wall component can be retrofitted to an existing pool, saving you money on a new build and alleviating you of that tough decision on where to build your pool.

Don't get stuck swimming in the cold, or wishing you could enjoy the summer outside, opt for a moving wall swimming pool and you can have the best of both worlds. To find out about our moving wall swimming pool technology, contact a specialist at Design by Guncast.

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