02nd Sep 2015

Magnificent Swimming Pool Design Features to Set Your Pool Apart

Variety is the spice of life and luxury swimming pools are no exception. Design by Guncast offers many exquisite design features, so creating your very own unique oasis to relax and unwind in has never been simpler.

Luxury Swimming Pool Lighting

Not only do lights offer added safety, they can also turn a plain swimming pool into a luxury paradise. Whether you prefer more modest, chic spotlights for a clean look, or color changing rainbow lights for an energising soiree vibe, the bespoke swimming pool features on offer from Guncast have you covered.

Dramatic Water Features

What better way to glam up a swimming pool design, than by adding an exotic water feature? From classic fountains and water walls, to water jets and rainfall showers, these fancy features will turn your design from basic swimming pool, into an exclusive retreat...for one.

Fancy Pool Features

Pool finishes come in many shapes and sizes. There's definitely lots to think about when it comes to finishes for a custom swimming pool. If you're into opulence, an abundance of finish options (like the highly sought after slate effect porcelain), large area coverage and expanding the space overall, opt for Guncast's large format porcelain tiles ... because when it comes to luxury swimming pool design, size really does matter.

Custom Built-ins

Add more versatility and function with tailored built-ins, such as a tanning ledge or underwater seating. If you've got children, you could even take the design a step further and include a waterslide and jets into the mix.

Glamorous Hot Tubs

The most sought after swimming pool feature is, not surprisingly, the iconic hot tub. What spells luxury and relaxation more than a warm, hydrotherapeutic pool you can use come rain or shine?

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