29th Jun 2018

Inground Swimming Pool Design Ideas for Summer

The only thing better than a hot summer’s day, is spending it in a luxurious, beautifully designed outdoor swimming pool. If you’re considering having a pool installed at your property, here are a few inground swimming pool design trends to quench your thirst for inspiration.

Indoor To Outdoor Swimming Pools

You may think you have to choose between either an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With an indoor to outdoor pool design, you can have the best of both worlds.

As with all swimming pools from Design by Guncast, the shape can vary according to personal preferences – the only limit is your imagination. However, an effective way to accomplish the indoor to outdoor style is to build a long and narrow pool that runs the length of a wall from an indoor area, such as a lounge room, extending to the outdoors. This is then separated by a transparent glass wall for a strong visual impact.

Inground Swimming Pools Integrated With Surroundings

The key to designing a luxury swimming pool is to make it feel like an extension of your property. One way to take this to another level is through complete integration into the buildings and surrounding landscape.

For example, the pool can be designed to wrap around the entire property, integrated with stepping stones connecting pathways. Alternatively, a pool can surround a house like a moat. Not only does this allow access for swimming from any room, but it can also help to keep the home interior cooler. You could even choose a free-form pool that flows through the house to the outside like a river. The possibilities with Design by Guncast are endless.

Glass Wall Swimming Pools

Another popular swimming pool feature is the see-through pool. With a choice of transparent walls, floor or both, there are many interesting ways to create a see-through inground pool.

You could add one next to an outdoor bar as an eye-catching feature that adds color to the adjacent lounging areas. Another option is to combine the glass wall with an infinity-edge style overflow into a hot tub area below.

Secret View Swimming Pools

With a glass wall swimming pool, there’s also the possibility of including a hidden view of the pool into an underground basement or cellar. This creates a relaxing and ambient space as well as providing a fun way to view swimmers.

There are no limits with a unique inground swimming pool from Design by Guncast. For trusted advice and more information, contact our expert design team on +44 (0) 1798 343725.

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